Vegetable garden

Being from the city, we were not brought up with any gardening skills or experience. But after living in the countryside for a while it started to grow on me. What was the secret behind all those happy gardeners I saw, working their vegetable plots? They all seemed so contented and at ease. So, I … Lees meer

Lemons all year round

During the mild winters we put the most fragile fruit trees from our orchard in the hall. The high, south-facing windows let in lots of light. This way we bring in a bit of spring and the hall becomes an interior exotic greenhouse. The lemon tree flourishes and gives us fat, juicy lemons all through … Lees meer

‘Le 11 novembre’

On the 11th of November, the French, like the English remember the end of the great war and the wars that followed. The importance of this national holiday slowly dawned on us. This is because we are Dutch and The Netherlands remained neutral during the great war. Our country remained more or less untouched during … Lees meer

Compote of Figs

  Figs are delicious and healthy. But we had so many of them each year, that we simply couldn’t eat them all. Coincidentally the Périgord is known for it’s foie gras (goose liver). Our neighbors farm has been in the family for years. He keeps geese and refused to force feed them. This makes for … Lees meer