Compote of Figs


Figs are delicious and healthy. But we had so many of them each year, that we simply couldn’t eat them all. Coincidentally the Périgord is known for it’s foie gras (goose liver). Our neighbors farm has been in the family for years. He keeps geese and refused to force feed them. This makes for smaller livers, but no less tasty and the geese are happy. And… foie gras should be accompanied by a compote of vis. This sweet compote enhances the rich taste of the liver.

Armed with a few baskets I walked to the bottom of the field to find our fig tree yet again heavy with fruit. It is an easy job to pick the large juicy figs from the low branches. After making the compote, I poured it into preserving jars which now sit in our pantry, waiting for our guests to enjoy it. And for vegetarians, it is also very good with a fresh croissant.

Here is the recipe:

  • Olive oil
  • Chopped union
  • 6 table spoons of your best vinegar (raspberry or balsamic)
  • 18 fresh ripe figs
  • 1 vanilla-pod
  • 10 table spoons organic sugar or honey
  • 10 table spoons of water

Add the olive oil to a pan. Slowly glaze the onion on low heat to prevent them turning brown. This could easily take 20 minutes as the onion goes sweeter in the process.
Chop up the figs and add to the onion, together with water, vinegar, sugar and the vanilla-pod.
Let it all simmer until the figs have gone super soft.
Take out the vanilla-pod.
Season to taste with salt and pepper and perhaps some chili.
Mash with a large fork and divide between the preservation jars. Cook the jars in a large pan so that they are vacuum-sealed and store them in a dark, cool place.