Villa Joli Verger

romantic, comfortable and deluxe chambre d'hôte in the Dordogne

Welcome to Villa Joli Verger,
5 star holiday home in the Dordogne!

Villa Joli Verger is a romantic holiday home and B&B in the picturesque Dordogne. The house was built in the 14th century as a nut farm. After thoroughly renovations, it now as all modern amenities but is still full of character.
Villa Joli Verger now serves as a holiday home with a heated swimming pool.
Set in lovely grounds with panoramic views and many private spots in
which to relax and enjoy the sun or shade, it has become
the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful and romantic holiday.

We have recently been awarded the maximum of 5 stars by ‘Tourisme de la Dordogne’ and 4 épis by ‘Gìtes de France’.

Available accommodation

  1. Petit Joli Verger, holiday home (sleeps 7)
  2. Le Poirier, apartment with balcony and access to garden (sleeps 3)
  3. Le Pommier, garden room (sleeps 2)
  4. Le Prunier, garden cottage only as an additional bedroom (sleeps 3)

A cot for children up to 3 years old is available free of charge. All rooms have been decorated with a mix of antique and contemporary furniture. The beds all have high quality matrasses and hypoallergenic bedding. As smoking is not permitted, it is very suitable for people who suffer from an allergy.

Whether you are looking for a romantic get-away for two, a family holiday or an accommodation for a group, you will find it at Villa Joli Verger.


Most noteworthy is that we are striving towards a environmentally friendly house, because we want to contribute to the natural and untouched area we live in. As a result we only use biodegradable cleaning products. In addition, our fruit and vegetables are grown biologically. Also we have installed heat exchangers for central heating and pool heating. Finally we are planning on installing solar panels.

Ecological vegetable garden

The bountiful biological vegetable garden provides fresh tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers, courgettes and butternuts and is a wonderful and healthy source to cook from. And it gives you the opportunity to show your children how these vegetables are grown. The orchard is rapidly growing as we plant new trees each year. The prune and fig trees already provide an ample harvest.